Time to hit the (e-)books again

So the leavesHomer Simpson's learning juice are turning here in Scotland, there’s a nip in the air and the kids are watching Strictly Come Dancing. It must be time for the MSc in digital education to start again, woop!

I’m about to start number three of five courses before the dissertation. This time it’s course design, which I’ve been really looking forward to since I started the programme last year. I’m hoping for a practical, hands-on semester that gives me the skills I need to put together a new course or (more likely) revamp existing ones.

As some of my fellow students said in this week’s ice-breaker, the reality of redesigning a course is a bit like rebuilding a house in front of all its current and former residents. (Cheers Paul and Candace.) And to make the whole thing even more awkward, you might also have to keep the architect of the old house (most likely a senior colleague) happy too. Diplomacy could be the name of the game here.

Hitting the (e-)books again also means I’ll be welcoming back my old friend learning guilt, who creeps into the darker corners of my mind and tells me I should be contributing more on the forums or reading that 13th secondary reading when I’m sitting on the sofa or surfing the web.

Expect sporadic postings on as-yet undefined topics over the next 12 weeks (learning juice permitting).


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