PRINCE2: the eye of the storm

PRINCE2, day four: this way to the pub

Sitting the PRINCE2 practitioner exam is a bit like having laser eye surgery. You know it’s going to be good for you, but it isn’t particularly pleasant at the time.

After answering 80 demanding questions in 2.5 hours, I stumbled out of the exam feeling a bit light-headed and headed straight for the pub. (Apologies to my friend Matt, who had to listen to my frantic post-exam rambling over our lunchtime pint.)

Anyway, I’m pleased to say I passed and am now a certified PRINCE2 project manager at foundation and practitioner levels.

The five-day course – taught by the very knowledgeable and infinitely patient Derek Arbuckle – was demanding but rewarding, and I was lucky to have a friendly group of fellow students. (I know people who have been in groups that are virtually silent for the entire duration.)

I’d advise anyone who manages projects to get PRINCE2 certified – and not to be put off by the gloomy forecast of 2-4 hours’ homework per night. (It was more like 1.5 hours for us; I did mine on the train.) I came out of it with some solid, common-sense project management principles that will help me set up and run projects in a methodical and professional way. And a startling array of new acronyms. And the knowledge that I don’t want to see another flowchart for quite a long time.


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